今天早上’s TIPM Morning Brief looks at some interesting article and interviews with 自-published and hybrid authors. Sometimes I wonder if borders and integration between the traditional world of publishing and the indie author movement is getting healthier, or whether we are actually seeing new battle lines being drawn.
但是首先’s author Kerry Wilkinson interviewed 通过 the Guardian 英国 as part of their excellent series focussing on 自-publishing. Wilkinson tackles a number of areas and much prescribed marketing approaches for 自-published authors, in particular that you can sell your books successfully without having to sell a book under a pound and books don’不必锁定DRM。

作家,博客作者兼教练Molly Greene向出版界的一些人询问了自助出版商如何改进‘our’ industry. There’她接受采访的人提供了很多建议,但不仅是专业的作家和出版商,而且还是将自我出版视为具有扎实的营销和与读者联系的业务,’我不相信这里实际上有很多东西可以允许‘self-publishers to improve 我们的 industry.’在许多方面,问题的一部分可能是占有欲‘our’。我认为,如果自我发布社区希望整个行业都认真对待,他们需要集体放弃‘self’ and ‘our’ mindset so prevalent these days. Perhaps author Toby Neal offered the best advice: that 自-publishers should continue to be at the forefront of new ideas and innovations, and surprise the reader, while producing equal or better books.

安妮·艾伦(Anne R. Allen)和凯瑟琳·瑞安·海德(Catherine Ryan Hyde)告诉作者,他们应该如何最好地应对拒绝以及不应该做什么。

我们回到了一个共同的主题,这是今年夏天的一个主要话题。独立作者应该为独立书商做些什么(如果有的话)。下面的链接中有作者谢尔曼·阿列克谢(Sherman Alexie)通过ABA(美国书商协会)写的一封信。谢尔曼·阿列克谢(Sherman Alexie)要求独立作者与他们的独立书店联系,并在11月的感恩节周末为他们提供一些工作时间,以此作为一种桥梁。应该记住的是,这封信也出现在ABA​​网站上(以下链接来自Publishing Perspectives),评论部分几乎反映了独立卖方的观点,许多评论者对一位作者进行了四舍五入,认为独立作者不应该这样做。被要求免费提供时间来帮助独立书商。

Finally, Hugh Howey, hybrid author one of the poster boys of the 自-publishing community, suggests that a major publisher should launch an imprint to market e-book bestsellers in print. Howey states in this interview with Publishing Perspectives that e-books should be seen as an add on and entrance to other products.